Current KS crude oil prices

Current KS crude oil prices

Iranian Petroleum Minister Zangane said that some members of OPCurrent KS crude oil pricesEC have good relations with the United States, but this is not a reason for the United States to try to control OPEC. The United States is trying to change OPEC’s decision-making. This behavior is unacceptable to OPEC member states.

It is reported that the Brexit Secretary Davis opposes the upcoming Irish border guarantee plan. The Brexit Secretary Davis said that the guarantee plan on the Northern Ireland border is just a proposal, not the main proposal on the issue. Both the UK and the EU need to be clear to avoid hard border problems between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Then according to the current crude oil trend, crude oil prices stabilized at $65 after the opening day and maintained a slight upward trend. If EIA inventories really record a decline in the evening, then crude oil prices are expected to break through $66 again, although it is above $67 in the chart. It is another pressure level, but at least it can help the crude oil market to stay away from the broken $65 edge as much as possible before the OPEC meeting ends.

As of the end of this week, the international oil price was reported at US$4/barrel, which was nearly US$ compared with the beginning of the week and last week, and it rose by more than 2% overnight. The OPEC+ production cut is much larger than expected, so there is a possibility that oil prices will rebound to $50 next week. It also indicates that oil prices can continue to rise next week and expand the increase in this round of refined oil price adjustments?

Mexico has imported an average of 590,000 barrels of gasoline and 220,000 barrels of diesel every day this year, almost all of which come from the United States. Compared with 20 years, Mexico’s gasoline imports have increased by one-third, and diesel imports have doubled. At the same time as the decline in fuel oil production for refining and chemical processing, Mexico's crude oil production fell. In the first five months of this year, Mexico’s daily crude oil production was 900,000 barrels, down from 2.5 million barrels in 20 years.

Although the United States has already imposed immunity, it was previously reported that the two major oil companies, Sinopec and PetroChina, will not import Iranian oil due to pressure from the United States. Now that it has been exempted, it is not clear whether the two barrels of oil will continue to import Iranian oil, but the two barrels of oil areCurrent KS crude oil prices preparing to acquire large oil fields in Denmark.

In addition to the gradual increase in oil production in major oil fields, my country's crude oil reserves are also increasing. my country’s crude oil reserves in October this year increased by 29.09 million barrels, a four-fold increase over September and an increase of 9% over the same period in 207. my country’s oil reserve goal is to meet the 00-day oil consumption demand in 2020.