Crude oil trading basis pdf

Crude oil trading basis pdf

Crude oil continued to pull up strongly after yesterday's horizontal adjustment. We thought the market would be blocked for at least one wave of correction, but in the early morning, it broke through the repression of 20.4 area yesterday, proving that bulls are still strong. What we need to do is to keep bullish and continue to rely onCrude oil trading basis pdf 21.2 support positions in the early trading. "

economic development of the countries within the OPEC Organization is not consistent, so it

The first is to know how to analyze a market situation; the second is to know how to control

Today, the second doubt of bulls may be clear. In the evening, OPEC will release its monthly

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petroleum issued 33.38 million shares at a price Crude oil trading basis pdfof 27.79 yuan per share. The sponsor (lead

of gasoline and diesel oil in this round will be increased by about 240 yuan per ton. Warm