hplc crude oil analysis

hplc crude oil analysis

Data show that 40,000 barrels per day of US oil was imported in July, and the import of US oil was stopped in August. Ship tracking data shows that since Aughplc crude oil analysisust, no tanker has shipped oil from the United States and sailed there. Because of the suspension of imports, US crude oil exports in August were hit hard.

The current spread between oil prices and U.S. oil prices is also expanding. It has now expanded to more than 8 U.S. dollars, which is the largest spread since the lifting of the U.S. crude oil export ban at the end of 205. Since the beginning of 206, the difference between the two oil prices has exceeded 5 U.S. dollars in the second half of 207 It has always been under $5.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia said that two giant oil tankers carrying 2 million barrels of crude oil in the country were attacked by Houthi armed forces when they entered the Red Sea via the Mande Strait on July 25. One of the tankers was slightly damaged, but there were no casualties or oil spills. Saudi Arabia has therefore suspended all oil transportation via this important Red Sea route. Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Falih made it clear that all oil exports via the Red Sea will be suspended until the situation becomes clearer and maritime transportation via the Mande Strait is safe.

Yesterday, the uneven economic data in the United States detonated the roller coaster market. Spot crude oil prices rose in a short-term and then fell straight. It can be said that back and forth, the day's market is still around 56 US dollars / barrel. Data reminder: Today’s week is over. Drilling data is expected to be sent to the Christmas gift package. On Saturday, February 24, at 2 am Beijing time, the United States announced the total number of oil rigs. With the sharp rise in spot crude oil prices, US shale oil Production is also expected to increase, so the data is still expected to have a negative impact on spot crude oil. Review of the situation: As of February 6, 206, the number of active oil wells in the United States increased by 2 to 50, which is the highest since 206 months. There have been 26 weeks of increase in the past 29 weeks, and this is the seventh consecutive week. Increase, the cumulative increase reached 94. European and American market outlook: Due to the advent of Christmas, the economic data of the spot crude oil market is relatively light, and the oil price has fallen into a sideways stage in the short-term. The 5 o'clock hourly chart of spot crude oil closed at the negative line, which has begun the rhythm of the decline in the market. Of course, yesterday's The roller coaster market is also expected to be staged today, so the shock market also brings a more robust opportunity to sell high and buy low. The author Yang Jingle gave a real-time short call strategy, and then fell back to the daily 0-day moving average position near 4890 Re-enter multiple orders.

Traders said that the decline in oil prices on Friday was due to the profit-taking action of the bulls after hitting a multi-year high last day. Oil prices have been supported by the gradual tightening of market supply. In addition, good oil demand has also pushed the oil market to tighten.

Sanalla also urged Khalifa Haftar, the military commander of Eastern Libya, tohplc crude oil analysis transfer control of the crude oil port to the national oil company in Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

Affected by factors such as the approaching date of US sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports and OPEC’s refusal to increase production as required by the US government, international oil prices have continued to rise recently. London Brent crude oil futures prices closed on the 25th and hit a new high since 204 months. However, it is worth noting that although the United States’ boots on Iran’s crude oil export sanctions may still rise further in the short term, international oil prices may not have the basis for substantial increases in the medium and long term.