International Crude Oil Market Report Petroleum Gold

International Crude Oil Market Report Petroleum Gold

However, in recent years, driven by new technologies, the output of non-OPEC oil-producing countries has also risen sharply, such as the International Crude Oil Market Report Petroleum Goldshale gas in the United States and increasing fuel efficiency, which has convinced the Saudi government that the era of rapid oil growth may be over.

US State Department officials said earlier that the United States is asking all partner countries, not only India, to stop buying Iranian crude oil. Under pressure from the United States, according to sources quoted by Reuters, India’s August oil imports from Iran have fallen by 2% from July to 50,000 barrels per day. As the tensions between the United States and Iran further ferment, market concerns about tighter crude oil supplies will continue to heat up, which is expected to pave the way for oil prices.

Al-Luaibi said that prices still need to be supported and stabilized, and oil-producing countries should not over exaggerate that the oil market needs more supply. According to a statement, the minister also rejected unilateral decisions by some oil-producing countries without consulting other member states of the agreement.

After the release of the data, the U.S. and Burundi oils plunged, and the intraday decline of WTI crude oil expanded to %; Brent crude oil fell 0.8 US dollars in the short term. NYMEX's most active WTI crude oil main futures contract had a trading volume of 5,720 lots in one minute at 22:0 Beijing time, with a total value of more than $0 billion.

Today is the 8th working day of the price adjustment cycle. According to Zhuochuang Information, the rate of change of crude oil on the 7th working day is 2%, which corresponds to an increase in gasoline and diesel prices by 0 yuan/ton. Zhang Zhaoxin, a refined oil analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information, said that the US sanctions against Iran are approaching, and Iran’s crude oil exports are accelerating. With the reduction of crude oil supply, international oil prices are rising. However, the original increase in US production and the increase in OPEC crude oil production are to some extent The oil price was suppressed, so the international oil price fluctuated. The rate of change of domestic crude oil is generally in a positive range, and this round of oil price increases is almost a foregone conclusion.

But Norwegian Statoil Equinor, the largest operator of Norwegian offshore oil and gas platforms, said that so far, the strike has not disrupted production and has littleInternational Crude Oil Market Report Petroleum Gold effect on emerging companies and start-up projects.

Stimulate the various investments needed by local businesses. The increase in production is good news, but Iraq has yet to provide its citizens with basic services such as clean water and electricity, including Basra, the main source of crude oil extraction, said Ziad Daoud, Bloomberg's chief economist in the Middle East.