Crude oil trading strategy

Crude oil trading strategy

increase is greater than 1.8 million barrels, the probability of EIA data publication Crude oil trading strategyin the

gradually rebounded, affected by the 60 line, long and short competition around the region

addition, the positive pause of the new crown vaccine also eased the market concerns about

Yousheng international daily oil review, for reference only. Enter the market accordingly and bear the risk. "

Affected by the difficult negotiation among OPEC + countries on their share of production reduction, crude oil suspended its rise yesterday, presenting a high shock consolidation pattern. The news that the OPEC + meeting will be postponed to December 3 in the morning of the day undoubtedly intensified the market's concerns. It is expected that the trend of crude oil in the day will be mainly shock consolidation. "

promised production reduction, the futures price of Brent (Crude oil trading strategystructure) also fell due to OPEC

[financial data and events focused on today] Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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