Crude oil contract delivery date

Crude oil contract delivery date

Since the historic prodCrude oil contract delivery dateuction reduction agreement was reached this year, all oil producing

Friday's decline. From the short-term 4-hour trend, the price Ma5 broke through the 10 day

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The structural contradiction of the source of goods still exists, and the anchor ships are

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differences, increasing the possibility of leaving the EU without an Crude oil contract delivery dateagreement at the end of

Fundamentals: the European Central Bank is expected to increase the size of its emergency debt purchase programme (PEPP) by 600 billion euros to close to 2 trillion euros, accounting for 17% of the euro zone's GDP, and extend the term by six months to the end of 2021. We hope that the European Central Bank will continue to carry out targeted long-term refinancing (tltro) after March next year and extend the period of preferential interest rate of - 1% for six months to December 2021. In order to provide credit through the financial sector, we also expect that the ECB will extend the temporary collateral easing measures and the fixed rate full allocation mechanism, and expect greater opportunities for more non directed pandemic emergency long-term refinancing operations (peltros) and increase the stratification multiplier. The deposit mechanism interest rate is not expected to fall.

hitting a two-and-a-half-year low in a sell-off last week. Spot silver rose last night to a