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Unwilling to give up all the psychology. There are countless investment opportunities in the crude oil spot market. However, investors’ time, energy, and funds are limited, and it is impossible to grasp all investment opportunities. This requires investor

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Saudi Arabia currently has an idle capacity of 2 million barrels/day. Although Russia has only 0 million barrels/day, it is currently expanding equipment to further increase production capacity. This means that the market is still abundant. With further i

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Crude oil prices rose by 2% last week, making it unlikely that oil prices will change much during the US market this week. Baker Hughes data last Friday showed that the number of US rigs remained unchanged at 747. At the same time, on Monday, Ineos Group

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Neil Argensen, head of the Petroleum Industry and Marketing Department, said that although the growth rate of oil demand will slow down, net crude oil imports are still expected to increase to 10 million barrels per day, or about 500 million tons per year

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Objectively speaking, the current investment of oil companies has gone from being relatively extensive in the past to the current investment decision-making is more reasonable, mainly due to the influence of factors such as the previous low oil prices, in

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In recent weeks, Russian government officials have been calling for lower and higher oil prices, which echoes the wave of retail fuel interventions in countries from Latin America to India. In order to soothe public sentiment, the newly appointed Russian