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Neil Argensen, head of the Petroleum Industry and Marketing Department, said that although the growth rate of oil demand will slow down, net crude oil imports are still expected to increase to 10 million barrels per day, or about 500 million tons per year

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Objectively speaking, the current investment of oil companies has gone from being relatively extensive in the past to the current investment decision-making is more reasonable, mainly due to the influence of factors such as the previous low oil prices, in

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In recent weeks, Russian government officials have been calling for lower and higher oil prices, which echoes the wave of retail fuel interventions in countries from Latin America to India. In order to soothe public sentiment, the newly appointed Russian

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In addition to the joint development of Gulf oil by these three countries to prevent the surge in oil prices, the United States has also begun to take actions to keep oil prices down. On Monday, August 20, the US Treasury Department announced that it woul

Crude oil price inventory

Kilduff said, I think this may escalate quickly. If Saudi Arabia wants to retaliate, oil is clearly its weapon. If they are economically sanctioned, other countries will also be harmed. He said that the world may see an unprecedented period of instability

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Data show that 40,000 barrels per day of US oil was imported in July, and the import of US oil was stopped in August. Ship tracking data shows that since August, no tanker has shipped oil from the United States and sailed there. Because of the suspension

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The member countries of the International Energy Agency also have strategic oil reserves that can effectively withstand sudden supply interruptions. Idle capacity is negatively correlated with oil prices. Between 200 and 2008, OPEC’s idle capacity was les

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Energy said that with the rebound in drilling activities, newly discovered oil reserves in 208 will rebound to 2.6 billion barrels per month, an increase of 0% from 207. ExxonMobil discovered three large oil fields in Guyana, accounting for a large part o

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Different growth drivers; No. American confrontational trade policy; No. Increasing trade disputes. Unless there is an inflation-induced recession and such a recession occurs later, the components of total U.S. demand—household consumption, residential in