Crude oil price inventory

Crude oil price inventory

Kilduff said, I think this may escalate quickly. If Saudi Arabia wants to retaliate, oil is clearly its weCrude oil price inventoryapon. If they are economically sanctioned, other countries will also be harmed. He said that the world may see an unprecedented period of instability in Saudi Arabia.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the launch of Pemex's enhanced protection plan, a six-year plan aimed at liquidating assets, reducing taxes and improving efficiency. Improve the company's financial situation.

Hammad Javad Zarif warned that if the US President decides to formally withdraw from the agreement, Iran will restart its nuclear program. Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Chairman Salish also warned the United States not to easily abandon the Iran nuclear agreement, otherwise Iran will restart its 20% enrichment uranium enrichment activities within 4 days.

The bank added: Investors increasingly believe that Kuwait and Iraq have the best potential to fill the supply gap caused by Iran's sanctions. Jefferies believes that OPEC is capable of solving possible problems on the supply side. But the bank warned that even if the scale of global supply can remain stable, the entire market still needs to face the situation where idle capacity falls below the margin of safety.

Compared with fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have certain advantages, such as low noise and lower electricity prices than oil prices. But there are also disadvantages. The current driving speed of fuel vehicles is much higher than that of electric vehicles, making them more suitable for long-distance driving. The latest new policy of the National Development and Reform Commission for fuel vehicles prohibits new independent fuel vehicle projects. From the perspective of the market, this reveals a clear signal that fuel vehicles will be phased out.

The frequent choking between Israel and Iran has made the situation in the Middle East increasingly tense. According to the New York Times, on the evening of April 29, several military installatioCrude oil price inventoryns in the Hama and northern Aleppo provinces of central Syria were hit by missiles, killing at least six people, most of them Iranians. Izvestia quoted pro-Lebanese Hezbollah sources as saying that the targets of this round of attacks were the Syrian government forces and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards arsenal in Syria. The outside world suspects that the attack was carried out by Israel.