Brent crude oil spot

Brent crude oil spot

Iraqi Oil Minister JabarAlial-Luaibi said on August 27 last Saturday that Iraq is willing to play an active role in supporting oil prices in OPEC, but will not sacrifice its goal of expanding market share. Lu Aibi said that the Iraqi Ministry of Petroleum has set up an ambitious Brent crude oil spotoil industry development plan. Among these plans, the most important is to increase production to a level that meets Iraq’s needs. We don’t want to set an upper limit for future output as we did in the past.

Compared with April, the daily output of Iran’s oil and condensate fell by 0 million barrels, a drop of 9% as shown in the figure below. April is the last month Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement. On October 8, analysts at Commerzbank wrote in a report that Iranian oil exports may fall by 2 million barrels per day.

In summary, next Monday's price adjustment of refined oil products will likely end with the upward adjustment, which will make refined oil products in 209 a pattern of two consecutive increases. After the price adjustment, the travel cost during the Spring Festival will increase by about RMB yuan. In addition, if international oil prices continue to rise after the Spring Festival, domestic refined oil prices are likely to start the era of 7 yuan.

At 22:00 on Wednesday, June 20th, Beijing time, EIA will announce US crude oil inventory data. Reuters survey results released on Tuesday showed that US crude oil and distillate inventories were expected to decline last week, while gasoline inventories are expected to increase. On average, nine analysts interviewed estimated that crude oil inventories were expected to fall by about 900,000 barrels in the week ending June 5. Gasoline inventories are expected to increase by 200,000 barrels, and refined oil inventories are expected to decrease by 200,000 barrels.

According to the current retail price of No. 92 gasoline, the average retail price is 4-6 yuan/liter, and the average retail price of No. 0 diesel is around -4 yuan/liter. After 24:00 today, the highest retail price of No. 92 gasoline is 8 yuan/liter. No. 0 diesel. The highest retail price is 6 yuan per liter.

Specific data show that the import of 9.05 million tonsBrent crude oil spot of crude oil in May, equivalent to 9.2 million barrels per day, fell slightly from the historical high of 9.6 million barrels per day reached in April, but still higher than the 8.76 million barrels per day in May last year. Nearly 5%.

China Oil Network reported on May 25 that crude oil prices plummeted overnight to exceed the U.S. dollar. Interbank’s failure to stimulate financial market risk sentiment, but according to foreign media reports, OPEC and Russia will increase crude oil production as early as June. Does this mean crude oil prices or Reproduce the curse of oversupply.