Crude oil price news

Crude oil price news

The psychology of turning over is the most common kind of psychology of investment gambling. As soon as I lost an order, I wanCrude oil price newsted to quickly create another order to recover the loss, but I waited for another new loss. Therefore, the most important thing after a loss is to calm down and take a break, not to enter the market immediately to make a profit.

According to the plan, next year's oil and gas condensate production in Russia and Belarus will drop to 56.7 billion tons, of which Russia will be 5.5 billion tons and Belarus will be 700,000 tons. Of these, 24 million tons are processed in Belarus and 8.8 billion tons are processed in Russia. Moreover, it is expected that the processed crude oil will ship 400 million tons of crude oil to areas outside the alliance of the two countries. Among them, Russia shipped 700 million tons and Belarus shipped 600,000 tons.

Service just lowered India’s 208 GDP growth forecast by 0.2%, blaming it on high oil prices, and warned that if the current high oil prices continue, global consumer spending may fall and inflation will rise. .

The U.S. dollar index continued to decline. After the recent strong rise, the momentum has obviously begun to slow down. Therefore, market participants widely predict that the dollar’s ​​rise has come to an end. Right now, the market's eyes are turning to the scary data of tomorrow. Some analysts pointed out that the report is crucial to the trend of the US dollar, especially at this critical moment when it is increasingly closely related to the future destiny of the US dollar.

Therefore, no matter what kind of situation, investors must be aware of the impact on spot silver and spot crude oil, and how the corresponding trend will change, because opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Will give directions in time according to changes in the election situation.

According to feedback from insiders familiar with the OPEC iCrude oil price newsndustry, the meeting may decide to increase production by 0 to 600,000 barrels per day, so as to appropriately fill the supply gaps in Venezuela and Iran and ensure that oil prices will not fall sharply. The market had previously expected OPEC and Russia to plan to increase production by at least 0 million barrels per day.

Nigeria’s natural gas reserves are also very high. However, due to insufficient funds and the country’s recent economic crisis, Nigeria has no funds to invest and develop oil and gas projects. Most of Nigeria’s oil and gas development projects rely on foreign investment. .