Countrymark crude oil prices

Countrymark crude oil prices

As far as the current situation is concerned, OPEC has the prerequisites to increase production. The key is to see whether it will be announced at this OPEC meetinCountrymark crude oil pricesg. Before that, crude oil prices may be difficult to break through. The current crude oil prices are still on the brink of $66. Volatility, but the overall pressure is still under pressure. If the evening EIA inventory data can be positive, it may be able to help the market again achieve a breakthrough in the market, but if the EIA inventory is negative, the crude oil price may fall back to the 65 line or even fall again.

There are also some investors who make order plans every day, but they often change their order plans. They will raise the selling price immediately when they see the market price rise, and immediately modify the buying price when they see a drop. The result is often that the plan is very well done. Excellent, but the goal that has been arbitrarily modified is beyond recognition.

OPEC and other non-OPEC members, led by Russia, agreed last week to relax production restrictions that had been in place for eight months to prevent a surge in oil prices. As of press time, Brent crude oil futures rose 0.7% to $767 per barrel; US crude oil futures rose 0.44% to $70.84 per barrel.

However, the Goldman Sachs technical analysis team also believes that there are obvious downside risks in oil prices, and it should enter a process of adjustment. Some analysts believe that oil prices will not fall so deeply because OPEC does not want a hard landing of oil prices. After all, Saudi Arabia needs a price of around US$80/barrel to balance its domestic budget.

In 208, the average realized oil price of CNOOC was US$622/barrel, a year-on-year increase of 27%; the average realized natural gas price was US$4/1,000 cubic feet, a year-on-year increase of 8%. Oil and gas sales revenue increased 24% year-on-year to 85.9 billion yuan.

Since the recent non-agricultural unemployment rate has dropped to 9%, the US economy faces a certain risk of overhCountrymark crude oil priceseating. Powell’s attitude is particularly important. As chairman, he must be cautious in his remarks. Therefore, it is expected that Powell will stick to the middle ground. Powell is expected to reiterate that their inflation target is symmetrical and has no upper limit, which may imply that policymakers have not changed the path of gradual rate hikes due to recent price pressure increases.

Since the end of February 208, international oil prices have rebounded, stabilizing the downward trend that lasted for two months. It is currently above US$50. As for whether oil prices will rise or fall in the future, the international agency Deutsche Bank said that with OPEC's production cuts, the price of Brent crude oil in the first quarter of 209 will stabilize at around US$6 per barrel.

As of May 7, 208, the spot price of Brent crude oil was US$80 per barrel, and the spot price of OPEC's crude oil package was US$77 per barrel. OPEC said that global oil inventories are close to equilibrium, and the monthly crude oil production fell to 960,000 barrels per day, a decrease of 200,000 barrels per day from February.